Margaret Carrington, Physics

Dr. Margaret Carrington came to Brandon University in 1997 from the University of Winnipeg. Dr. Carrington started at BU as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Dr. Carrington became Brandon University's first Canada Research Chair in 2003 when she was awarded the CRC in Scientific Systems Analysis and Modelling. In 2004, Dr. Carrington was promoted to full Professor.

Dr. Carrington is a high-energy theoretical physicist who is making significant contributions to the development of theoretical methods in this field.

Canada Research Chairs at Brandon University have a smaller teaching load than other faculty members, so that they may devote more time to their research. Over the past ten years at Brandon University Dr. Carrington has taught several courses in the Department of Physics & Astronomy, including:

Foundations of Physics (74:147)
Mathematical Physics (74:276)
Intermediate Quantum Mechanics (74:488)

As Brandon University's first Canada Research Chair, the University is currently seeking a five-year renewal of Dr. Carrington's Chair from the Canada Research Chairs Program. If successful, her second term as Chair in Scientific Systems Analysis and Modelling will begin in 2008.

With her Chair, Dr. Carrington also received funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Province of Manitoba and Brandon University for the creation of a supercomputing facility. The main application for this system is for numerical studies in finite temperature field theory and black hole dynamics, however it also has the capabilities of supporting bioinformatic and genomic research. It is housed in the John R. Brodie Science Centre at Brandon University.

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