by Nathan Peto

Entering the halls of a university for the first time is a strange and overwhelming experience. Students cannot escape the feeling that they have embarked upon a journey in which they will become a different person at the end. This change may not be visibly noticed, but something about the way they view the world will be different. Moreover, it is not the studying of ancient philosophers, atoms and protons, or even the understanding of complex chemical equations that will cause this change in a person. It is the holistic experience of education itself that will mold a mind into something different, stronger, and with a desire to understand. This change is caused by the journey as much as the objective.

In this student version of Ecclectica, it was my objective to highlight the 'transitions' that students experience while seeking an education. They are not all lessons learned from books or the classroom, but they all lead to lessons learned from the journey itself.

With the help of my fellow students, we have put together a collection of student works that speak to this transition and the development of our collective experience. I would like to thank my fellow students for their time and effort in composing this edition. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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